kids feelings tracker featured

Daily Feelings Tracker for Kids

Sometimes it can be hard for kids to identify if their day was a “good day” or a “bad day.” Use this tool to help ...
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triggers preview


We all have things that make us feel upset or uncomfortable. For kids, this may be harder to identify. Use this list of situations to ...
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positive affirmation cards preview

Positive Affirmation Cards

Positive affirmations help children change negative self-talk and leads to more confidence. Get your set of positive affirmation cards and help them get started today! ...
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kids body map preview

Body Map

Helping kids make the connection between their emotions and their bodies can be difficult ...
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progress tracker preview

Progress Tracker for Kids

Work with your child to set their goals and intentions and track their progress throughout the day or week. Feel free to add your own ...
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mightier coping skills

Coping Skills Cards

Coping Skills CardsWhat are Coping Skills? Coping skills are tools that help us to feel more regulated. Effective coping skills are different for every person ...
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Things I Love About Me Worksheet Featured

Things I Love About Me

Things I Love AboutMe WorksheetPracticing gratitude can benefit emotional well-being and increase overall happiness. Finding things in the world around us that we feel grateful ...
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Self Esteem Portrait LP Worksheet r1 circle of control worksheet v1

Self-Esteem Portrait

Self-Esteem Portraits (for kids ages 7 to 14)Developing healthy self-esteem is an important part of a child’s development. Many children struggle to fnd positive qualities ...
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conversation cards example

Conversation Cards

Conversation cards are a playful way for children to practice sharing things about themselves and expressing their thoughts and feelings ...
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circle of control worksheet

Circle of Control

Circle of ControlWhat is the Circle of Control? The Circle of Control is a tool that helps us sort out what we can and cannot ...
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separation anxiety workbook

DIY Separation Anxiety Book

Children can struggle with separation from parents, grandparents, siblings, and other important people in their lives from time to time. This is often developmentally appropriate ...
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leaves of gratitude featured

Leaves of Gratitude

Embracing gratitude regularly can be a helpful tool for adults and kids to increase positive emotions, build strong relationships, and deal with adversity. The following ...
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