Mightier & Tantrums & Meltdowns

…Once he started this program, this year, he had maybe 2 or 3 meltdowns throughout the school year… They help kids realize they can help themselves, and it just helps improve their self-confidence.

— Mother of 12 year old boy

How Can Video Games Help Reduce Tantrums & Meltdowns?

Video games mimic challenges found in everyday life. It’s what makes them interesting and engaging. Mightier’s biofeedback algorithm sits within fun games and takes the challenging moments already built in to the game and turns them into key learning opportunities. When the player faces a challenge within the game, Mightier visualizes their biological response and walks them through exercises like deep breathing, within the game setting.

How did you learn to ride a bike? Practice. Calming skills and emotional regulation are no different, kids just need a safe space to practice skills so they can build the muscle memory needed to call on them when they face real life challenges. The more they are able to build this muscle memory, the fewer tantrums, outbursts and meltdowns they will have.

Mightier & Tantrums

Mightier allows kids to practice emotion calming skills during game play. The more kids practice these skills, the more they are able to transfer them to real life situations. For kids who struggle with tantrums & meltdowns, and outbursts, Mightier helps them learn to regulate in 3 key areas:

Tantrums & meltdowns:

Kids have tantrums when they feel like they are not in control. Mightier gives kids a sense of control over their own bodies. Even when things aren’t going their way, they know how to take on negative feelings.


Outbursts come when kids get over taxed or feel frustrated. Mightier helps kids build up ore awareness over their bodies, and step around the challenges that would otherwise lead to outbursts and trouble.

Emotional regulation:

A key part of overcoming tantrums and outbursts is building emotional regulation: the capacity to take on difficult challenges with grace. Mightier helps kids see that they can do this, and that they have tools that work to help them succeed.


Reduction in

Clinically Validated Research

Our research has proven that meeting kids where they are at and engaging them in fun, interactive ways works. The technology behind Mightier has been tested in 3 clinical trials, including two double-blind randomized controlled trials. The trials showed a 62% reduction in outbursts with 45 minutes of Mightier practice a week over a 12 week period.
Mightier is fun and he enjoys playing the games.

First, Mightier is fun and he enjoys playing the games. Without that, nothing else matters. Giving him a concrete way to see his over excitement and the need to get back into the cool zone offers good lessons and opens the door to have conversations about other times when he is feeling stressed and frustrated in real life.

— Beth, mom to 7 year-old boy.