Mightier’s biofeedback games were developed & tested at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Want to learn more about our research?

Our research proved that meeting kids at their level and making learning fun works. Three studies over 7 years showed that kids built skills, behavior improved and stress at home declined. The technology behind Mightier has been tested in four trials, including two double-blind, randomized controlled trials. Download our Scientific Overview to learn more.

After 12 weeks in the Mightier program – families see reductions in 3 key areas:

Ongoing Collaborations

The mightier science team works with external clinics to continue the validate the science behind Mightier.

A research team comprised of Insight Collective and Neuromotion Labs will examine how physiological self-monitoring in children, as facilitated by the Mightier intervention, affects anxiety, planning, problem solving, and emotion regulation (executive functioning).