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It’s all about practice!

Mightier is an environment to experiment and practice calming skills in a fun, new way. Our programs were developed by clinicians and are designed to work with all families right at home.


The first stage of Mightier is all about play, making observations, and experimenting with heart rate control. Your child figures out how to play the games, learns about their heart rate, tries out new techniques to raise and lower their heart rate, and discovering that this is something within their control. They are taking ownership over this physiological response, and are having fun in the process!


The underlying theme for the entire program is practice. Mightier isn’t just about teaching your child strategies to use when they get into the red, it’s about practicing those strategies enough so that their brain and body begin to cool down automatically.


This stage is all about your child feeling proud of their accomplishments in Mightier and beginning to carry that confidence out into their life. They have spent a lot of time figuring out how to successfully control their heart rate while playing Mightier, and they feel like an expert in this. If they feel proud of these abilities, they are more likely to try using them in real life situations.

“He is doing real life translation and this is huge. So he’s been playing for about a month. This is apparently his buy-in. This is what I’ve been missing for about 7 years now.”



Translation occurs when kid’s breathe, pause, or use one of their cool down strategies without even thinking. For some children this comes within 3 months of play, while for others this can take a bit longer. Sometimes progress can be difficult to notice with everything else going on in life. Keep an eye out for that subtle “pause” your child seems to take in real life before getting upset. Read real stories from Mightier families…

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