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Soothing Via Video Gaming

You Must Build a Boat rebuffs WHO, joins Mightier platform to show kids learn from play

When Children Can Benefit From Playing Videogames

Mightier is helping calm kids down through mobile games

What to do When Your Kid’s Teacher Wants to Talk About Behavior Problems

Diagnosis of 'Gaming Disorder' Sparks Debate

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Managing Your Child’s Screen Time

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The 1 Thing I'll Never Say to My Kid

I Thought My Child Was Just Misbehaving but It Was Really Oppositional Defiance Disorder

Mightier is a gaming platform helping mental health

What You Need to Know About Screen Time for Kids

Parenting a Risk Taker & Giving Your Kids Courage

Your Children Could Learn to Control Their Emotions with a Video Game

More Fears and Tears? Mightier Creates An Emotional Playground for Children

Low Stakes Ways for Kids to Practice Emotional Regulation Before Going Back to School

“You Are Not Broken:” How ADHD Erodes a Child’s Self-Confidence

ODD Diagnosis- Is It a Parenting Fail?

The Best Board Games for the Holidays, According to Family Therapists

8 Common Myths About ADHD—Debunked

Why Your Child Acts Worse Around You (and How to Calm Them Down)

An ODD Diagnosis Doesn’t Make Your Child “Bad”

Video Game Program Helps Kids Learn How to Calm Down

A Mightier Interview: Bioresponsive Games for Emotional Kids

Understanding the Role of Anxiety in Children with ADHD

4 Startups Outline Their Vision for the Future of Health Tech in 2019

Mourning the Loss of Your Summertime Child

How to Teach Our Children the Important Skill of Self-Regulation

Mightier raised $6.6M in funding for games that help kids manage stress

Mightier Raises $6.6 Million Series A for Games that Help Kids Stay Calm

Fortune’s Term Sheet

Mightier Raises $6.6M In Funding

Boston funding news: Biotechnology and healthcare top recent local investments

Ways a Child with ADHD's Brain Works Differently

44 Mass. Startups Raise Over $1B

Boston Companies are Pulling in Venture Capital

Mightier, a Boston Children's spinout focused on gamified emotional regulation training, gets $6.6M

Mightier’s Video Games Aim to Impart Soothing Techniques to ADHD Kids

Toddler's Screen Time Obsession Leads Mom to Ditch Her TV—Is That the Answer?

This Company Uses Gaming To Teach Emotional Management - And It Works

Fortune's Term Sheet

MTG Invests in Emotional Regulation App Mightier

MTG VC Fund Invests in Video Game ADHD Aid Program Mightier

MTG Invests $250,000 in Emotional Health Aid Mightier Games

Pediatric Biofeedback Video Game Maker Mightier Lands Additional $250,000

Five Ways to Turn Your Child’s Outbursts into Future Success

These 11 Boston Startups Help Wrangle the Brain

Behavioral Health Company Mightier Raises Additional $2.4M in Seed Funding

MTG Invests in Mightier, Kicking Off ‘Games for Good’ Initiative

Mightier Teaches Children Emotional Control Through Gaming

7 Games That Bring Families Together

Children’s Behavioral Health Company Mightier Attracts $2.4 Mln

Creating a Family Culture Around Emotional Self-Regulation

Boston Children's Spinout Mightier Gets $2.4M for Emotion-regulating Biofeedback Video Games

Q2 funding round up: Digital health rakes in over $2B

When the ADHD Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

When Back-to-School Triggers Difficult Emotions

Should Toddlers Do Chores? Experts Weigh In On The Benefits

Mightier Raises USD$250K in Funding

Eight Gaming Startups Leveling Up the Industry in Boston

Making the Most of Summer Games for Your Child and YOU

Children’s behavioral health firm Mightier fetches $6.6 mln Series A

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls