Play & Routine


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The Magic Behind the Play
What to expect, and why to expect it – understanding and supporting your child’s Mightier journey.
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Playtime Advice

Wondering how often your child should play Mightier? Routine is the magic word.
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About lavalings!
What are these funny looking creatures, and why is my child being encouraged to collect them?
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game guide module
Mightier Game Guide

Games are listed from easiest to hardest. Plus, special in game challenges, for players who want to further test their skills.
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Pausing and Playstyles

Learn about different pausing and cooldown styles and how to support your child's play.
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family games module
Mightier Family Games
A fun and easy way for your whole family to experience Mightier together.
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Calming Strategies

Dr. Dragon teaches children 4 calming strategies during Mightier gameplay. Watch Kimberly Siefkes, LISW and Senior Program Specialist demonstrate the 4 techniques here.
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