Mightier Vocabulary


Mightier Vocabulary

The Mightier Program works best when it becomes a part of your family culture with shared language and common experiences. This looks different for every family and should be built in a way that feels natural for your family.

Here are some common “Mightierisms” (vocabulary terms) to get you started!

Program Language

Parent Hub

This is where you can access a detailed dashboard of information customized for each of your Mightier players. Log in and see your child’s play activity, number of cool downs and rises out of their blue zone. This is also where you will find information about games, tips, articles, and Mightier Parent resources to help you and your family through your Mightier journey.

Cool Downs 1
Cool downs

The total number of times that a player has left and returned to their individualized blue zone. Cool downs are how children practice decreasing their heart rate. They can do this by taking deep breaths, or using other calming strategies.

Mightier Moments

Signs of success, large or small, to celebrate with your Mightier player! These may include: taking deep breaths while playing, taking deep breaths while not playing, asking to play Mightier in a time of distress, unlocking a new game, clicking the Gizmo to practice skills with Dr. Dragon. View stories and other #MightierMoments here.

In-game Language

The Gizmo

The Gizmo shows players the connection between their heart rate and how they feel. The Gizmo becomes the player’s tool to develop self-regulation skills for successful game play. Clicking on the Gizmo pauses the game and allows the player time to regulate before continuing.

Getting in the Red

Experiencing a heightened heart rate and the emotions connected to it. When your child’s heart rate starts to rise, this can indicate that your child has become anxious, excited, frustrated or angry.

Getting in the Blue

Cooling down after being out of the blue zone. This is an indicator that your child has been able to successfully recover from a high heart rate. Parents often use this term to describe a nice calming down moment.

gizmode screenshot 1

Gizmode puts the Gizmo in the center of the screen so players and their families can focus on their heart rate and experience getting Mightier together. Gizmode can be accessed from the home screen of the Mightier App by clicking the Gizmode icon in the backpack.


These are the creatures that react to emotions and an increasing heart rate. When a player goes into the Red, the Lavalings will try to distract the player by making the game more difficult to play. When the Gizmo is used to cool down a Lavaling, they will change form and can be collected in their cool state. Learn more about Lavalings here.

Calming Strategies

Dr. Dragon prompts  4 different strategies that kids use to bring their heart rate down: Deep breathing, Crossing the Midline, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, and Visualization. Learn about the different strategies here.

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We’re here for you

Our Family Care Team of Mightier experts with clinical backgrounds are available to support and enhance your family’s Mightier journey.
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