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How it works

How does Mightier work?

Our program was developed at Boston Children’s and Harvard Medical school to help kids learn to better manage their emotions.

By wearing the heart rate monitor that comes with the kit,  your child is connected to the video game world. This allows kids to see their heart rate fluctuate as they face challenges within the game.

During challenging moments in the game, we walk the player through coping skills like deep breathing to help them bring their heart rate back down. These moments of practice help build the muscle memory needed to call on emotion regulation skills in real life situations.

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What kind of games are available?

Racing, problem solving, pattern recognition, adventure & more! There’s plenty of variety in our game library, all designed to be fun and engaging in short sessions so your child is working on skills whenever they play. You can read full game descriptions and details in the Mightier Game Guide.


What is the Family Care Team and how do they support families?

The Family Care Team is a unified and integrated team of Mightier experts with clinical backgrounds. They are available to enhance and support your family’s Mightier journey, with live support 7 days a week. Whether you are looking for billing and tech support, you would like to discuss your child’s play data and progress, or you are looking for strategies to ensure your child gets the most out of Mightier based on their specific learning and play styles, our Family Care Team is here to help. You can reach the Family Care Team any day of the week via phone, email or live chat.

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Pricing & Product information

What does Mightier cost?

Pricing varies by membership options. For specific details please visit our plans page here.


How can I check to see if my device is compatible?

In order to play Mightier you must have a compatible device. You can check your device’s compatibility by going here. If you do not have a compatible device, you can add a device from Mightier for free during checkout. Mightier is available in the Apple, Google, and Amazon app stores. A child dedicated device is recommended.


How does the 30 day guarantee work?

The 30 day guarantee begins when you purchase Mightier. We know it takes time and practice to see results. If Mightier isn’t a good fit for your family in the first 30 days, we’ll provide a full refund and free return shipping. If you hit a bump in the journey, or are experiencing any challenges or questions along the way, please reach out to our Family Care Team so that we can help.


Can Mightier be purchased internationally? 

Yes! Mightier has helped families around the world. Please note, shipping outside of the US and Canada costs an additional $25.

Who Mightier is for

What is Mightier’s suggested age range?

Our suggested age range is from 6 to 12. However, we do have kids outside of that range who have greatly benefited from the program. With our 30 day guarantee, you can always try Mightier with your family and return the kit if you find that it isn’t a good fit.


Can adults use this?

Yes! While our research focused on the use of Mightier with kids, anyone can benefit from practicing emotional regulation. If you enjoy mobile games and are willing to try, then Mightier can help you too. We have lots of families that play together!


How does Mightier help with specific diagnoses and behavioral challenges?

Mightier has helped kids with and without diagnoses gain confidence, build resilience, and learn emotional regulation skills. All kids can benefit from the Mightier program. Read the reviews and Mightier Moments shared from some of our families here and visit our condition pages to learn more about how Mightier has helped:






Tantrums & Meltdowns


Can Mightier be used in a professional settings?

Mightier was developed as an in-home treatment for families. The program can also be incroprated into a child’s care plan in a variety of ways.  This includes involving clincians, school counselors, teachers and pediatricians in a child’s Mightier journey.

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