Memory Mine

A Mightier version of the game ‘Memory’

 2 Players

memory mine

Things to Know

Card Experience – Intermediate
Competitive – 2 players or 2 teams take turns trying to find matches
Slow-paced – Turn-based with no time pressure
Length of 10-15 min

Skills Used

  • Remembering the position of multiple cards
  • Matching cards by color, matching face cards

    Mightier Skills

    • Trying to stay calm during play

    • After a raised heart rate the ability to calm down to regain an advantage

      What You’ll Need

      • Card deck

      • Mightier heart rate monitor

      • Mightier tablet

      • Open space to play

        Getting Started

        • Spread all cards face-down in a grid. For shorter games remove all Ace through 5 cards.
        • Have each player choose a different card color.
        choose color
        • Choose a player to wear the heart monitor to receive the Gizmo Bonus.

        • Turn on the Mightier tablet, enter Gizmode, and select ‘Memory Mine’.

        memory mine 1

        How to Play

        • Players take turns, start each turn by flipping over one card in the grid.

        • Turn over another card in the grid, if it’s the same color as the first, and the cards are not face cards, then remove them from the grid and take another turn.

        • If the card colors don’t match then your turn ends.

        • On the end of your turn flip any unmatched cards that you revealed face-down again.

        • If you flip a face card (Jack, Queen, or King) in your color then leave it face-up and choose another card to flip. Face cards in your color must be matched in sets of 3, but you can continue to look for other color matches during your turn.

        • If you flip a face card in the other player’s color then your turn automatically ends.

        • On your turn if you reveal 3 face cards in your color remove them from the board and take another turn.

        • Once a player removes both sets of 3 face cards in their color then the game is won.

        Gizmo Bonus

        • If the player wearing the heart monitor finds face cards in their color during their turn they get to leave them face-up, even after their turn ends.
        • These face cards remain up until the Gizmo goes into the red, at which point they are turned face-down.
        • These face cards can be flipped during the player’s next turn and stay up until the Gizmo goes into the red again.

        Extra Ways to Play

        To make the game more or less difficult try these rule variations

        All’s Fair Rules – Make play even for both players

        Both players get to leave their face cards up once found and flipped face-down when in the red.

        No Fair Rules – Make harder for player wearing heart monitor

        The player not wearing the heart rate monitor gets to leave their face cards up.

        Flip Flop Rules – Make play more physical and silly

        Each time the Gizmo goes into the red players have to switch seats with each other.

        Formal Wear Rules – Make matching harder

        Cards must be the same suit to count as a match.

        Full Court Rules – Make memory challenge harder

        All six face cards must be flipped up in a single turn in order to be removed from the board.

        Feel free to make up your own rules, remember whatever feels fun is the right way to play!

        Tips on Easing into Play

        • Work cooperatively to help each other find the face cards

        • Allow for extra turns if someone is getting frustrated

        • Play with fewer cards to allow for a shorter first game

        • Play at a pace that helps the Mightier player stay calm

        Watch the Video

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