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Family Games

What are Mightier Family Games?

Mightier Family Games are fun games for the whole family to play and learn how Mightier works. By combining the Mightier heart rate monitor, Gizmode, and Mightier Family Games, everyone has an opportunity to play, learn and get Mightier together.

When should my family give Mightier Family Games a try?

Your first set of Mightier Family Games will be included in your initial kit. So once you’ve opened the Mightier Kit the rest is up to you!

Mightier Family Games present an opportunity for families to sit down and play together, moments that can be challenging to find in our busy lives. We send Mightier Family Games at the end of your first month because your child will have developed skills and experiences they can share with you. As your Mightier journey continues, new Mightier Family Games will arrive for you to play together.

How can my child and family benefit from Mightier Family Games?
Mightier Family Games provide an opportunity for your child to share what they are learning in the Mightier app in a fun and empowering way. Mightier Family Games are designed to work just like the Mightier app, learning happens through play. When you get Mightier with your child, you reinforce the skills they are developing in the Mightier app while experiencing the impact of Mightier in the real world as a family. Learn more

Can siblings play?
Absolutely! The more the Mightier! Brothers, sisters, parents, caregivers, grandparents, and friends can all join in, Mightier Family Games are designed for 2 or more players.
I haven’t received my Mightier Family Game cards. When will I receive them?

We ship Mightier Family Game cards 30 days after a player first plays on your account. The cards take 2-3 business days to ship. If you have any questions about shipping, or did not receive your cards, please contact the Family Care Team.

My address has changed since I first purchased Mightier. How do I update it?

You can update your shipping address by logging into your Mightier account here. After you are logged in, click on the “Account” tab and then click, “Edit” under the Address.

Can the games be played without the heart rate monitor (HRM)?

Mightier Family Games are family games that become Mightier with a few rule changes and the magical additions of the heart rate monitor and Gizmode in the Mightier app. You and your family can choose to play these variations on classic family games without the Mightier magic, perhaps as a way to introduce them to a child or new players.

Once you have played Mightier Family Games, try and see if you can make a game or activity you do with your family Mightier by adding the heart rate monitor and Gizmode. Let us know about your Mightier Family Games and share them with the Mightier community!

Do we have to play Mightier Family Games to get the benefits of the Mightier program?
Mightier Family Games are designed to enhance and enrich your family’s experience with Mightier. Mightier Family Games are not a replacement for the recommended 45 minute per week Mightier app playtime.
My child tends to have a difficult time with family board or card games. Will Mightier Family Games work for us?

As every parent knows, not all games work for all players/families and the Mightier team will continue to release Mightier Family Games to help families find games that work best for them.

If you’re finding that your child is frustrated while playing Mightier Family Games, or they are having a difficult time staying regulated, check out this article on alternative gameplay approaches. You can also reach out to our Family Care Team to consult with a Program Specialist we’re here to help you make the most of Mightier Family Games!

Is there a video tutorial of the games?
Yes, game instructions and tutorial videos can be found in the Mightier Parent app, as well as each Mightier Family Game Page