Family Games LP

Family Games

Mightier Family Games are a fun and easy way for your whole family to experience Mightier together.

Mightier Family Games provide new opportunities for your child to play Mightier with you. They are also a great way for you to observe your child’s progress becoming Mightier in their emotions!

Mightier Family Games offer several custom card games that are easy and fun for all ages to play. The card games are great screen-free activities, and every game can be modified to fit your family. To play, simply log into the Mightier app, open the deck of cards, and begin creating Mightier Moments together.

Getting Started

  1. Find two or more players – parent and kid pairs are perfect
  2. Log into Mightier Game App and find the Gizmode button on the home screen
  3. Open Gizmode and select your game
  4. Watch instructions on how to play
  5. Open your Mightier deck of cards and find an open space to play

Have fun and enjoy!

You can also find game instructions in the Mightier Parent App.

Playing Cards Mockup

Games to Play

Memory Mine

memory mine

Dragon Duel

dragon duel

Cut the Wire

cut the wire

Additional Mightier Family Games will be shared throughout your membership, so there are always new games and fun!


What are Mightier Family Games?

Mightier Family Games are fun games for the whole family to play and learn how Mightier works. By combining the Mightier heart rate monitor, Gizmode, and Mightier Family Games, everyone has an opportunity to play, learn and get Mightier together.

How can my child and family benefit from Mightier Family Games?

Mightier Family Games provide an opportunity for your child to share what they are learning in the Mightier app in a fun and empowering way. Mightier Family Games are designed to work just like the Mightier app, learning happens through play. When you get Mightier with your child, you reinforce the skills they are developing in the Mightier app while experiencing the impact of Mightier in the real world as a family. Learn more

Can siblings play?

Absolutely! The more the Mightier! Brothers, sisters, parents, caregivers, grandparents, and friends can all join in, Mightier Family Games are designed for 2 or more players.