This is James’ story, as told to Mightier by his Mom, Leanne.


“My son, James, is a 9 ½ year old little boy who was diagnosed with ADHD at 7yrs old. He is loving, very smart, and he dreams of playing football for the Patriots! James lives at home with his mom, dad, and little brother, Daniel. We have had James on low doses of Adderall for the last few years to help with his ADHD, but even with the medication things were still challenging.

James is a very hot or cold kid…he wears his emotions on his sleeve and is extremely impulsive! He has a very high energy level and a short attention span, and if one thing goes wrong, the “WHOLE day is ruined!” As he was getting older, we noticed more and more frustrations erupting, which in turn led to anger outbursts and more impulsivity. We were all walking on eggshells around him to try to prevent a blowup or meltdown. It was even worse at school…I was getting daily emails from his teachers concerning James’ behaviors at school. (e.g. fighting, backtalk, making poor choices etc…).

His teacher hasn’t emailed me in about two months about negative behavior, and she said he gets upset about little things much less!

At home we tried ADHD workbooks, eliminating all screen time, role play, punishments, reward charts, and endless lengthy conversations about “how to calm down”. Nothing seemed to matter. One night, as I was scrolling Facebook, I came across an ad for Mightier. I clicked on it and read all about it. The next day I told my husband all about it and he said “Let’s do it…it’s free for 30 days…we have nothing to lose.” We ordered the Mightier program that day.


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After two weeks on Mightier, we noticed changes at home! He was calming down quicker and less frustrated in general. It was almost too good to be true! After a month on Mightier I went to James’ parent teacher conference at school. I had not told the teacher anything about Mightier, and she looked at me and said, “I’ve really seen a change in James the last few weeks.” I was beaming and told her all about Mightier!

Fast forward to almost 5 months of Mightier use and things are so much better at home and school!! We can talk and have a conversation with James without him flying off the handle or getting angry. And if he does get angry, it doesn’t ruin his whole day, maybe just 10 minutes. His teacher hasn’t emailed me in about two months about negative behavior, and she said he gets upset about little things much less!

James loves Mightier and always reminds me to let him have his 15 minutes of play time. He is currently practicing using the several different cool down techniques instead of his favorite, deep breaths. His biggest realization once he started playing was that too much frustration OR too much excitement both can cause a rise in heartrate. And he is learning that when his heartrate is too high, he is not thinking or making decisions with his “rational mind” until he calms back down.

The whole Mightier experience has brought so much more peace and calm to our house! James still takes Adderall daily, but is taking less than the dose recommended for his size. I firmly believe this is because he is learning to control himself better every day with Mightier! I am so thankful for this program!”