Brooke is a clinician in the Northwest United States who provides individual counseling to children and adults. Brooke’s practice has clinicians who usually have sessions with their clients once a week, and behavioral health specialists who are available to see clients 2-3 times a week on-site or in the community. Before Brooke’s practice started using Mightier, they had tried a biofeedback program that they found difficult to use.

Just a week into using Mightier in her practice, Brooke was excited to see that some of her clients were already making progress. After starting to play Mightier, children who had previously been reluctant to use deep breathing were taking deep breaths in session with her. Brooke was also hearing from the behavioral health specialists in the practice that they were seeing children in schools and in the community who were loving their playtime with Mightier. Brooke set up a weekly meeting at the practice where all of the providers who were using Mightier with clients had a chance to talk about their casework and client progress. She also offered training to other professionals in her practice to help them get started using Mightier with clients.

One client Brooke was looking forward to using Mightier with was a quiet 8-year-old boy who had typical ASD symptoms, including social disconnection and communication challenges, but no formal diagnosis. The client was experiencing significant attentional and behavioral challenges in school. After a few weeks of playing Mightier in meetings with the behavioral specialist, he started using his Mightier-learned skills in moments of real life frustration. His behavioral specialist found that verbal cues for him to “use one of your Mightier skills” were consistently effective in helping the client engage in self-calming strategies. The client’s mother, who had previously said “there is no hope, everything we do is completely useless and does not work,” was now saying “this is incredible and is changing him so much.” The client, who had been nonverbal and difficult to engage at the beginning of therapy, started telling his mother that he was looking forward to seeing his clinician.

“This is incredible and is changing him so much”

Brooke was thrilled with the additional progress that Mightier brought to her work with this client. She considers her Mightier story a success. In sessions with many clients, Brooke has noticed that clients are developing a deeper understanding of connections between heart rate, breathing, and emotions, practicing calming skills, and experiencing improvements in the intensity, duration or frequency of outbursts and improvements in frustration tolerance.