Coronavirus Resources

Coronavirus Resources

How Mightier is handling the crisis
As your family adjusts to more time at home, new styles of learning, and new roles and dynamics within the house, please know that the Mightier team is here to support you. Playing Mightier can be a great way to maintain some consistency while practicing cool down exercises

If you’re finding that it’s hard to get your child into a new routine or you could use some additional support, please reach out, we’d love to help you through this challenging time. 

We will be updating this page as the situation evolves. Our hope is to bring together new resources, routines, and fun ways to connect during this uncertain time.

Learn more about how Mightier works.

Ways to use Mightier at home

2. Calm down or wind down in times of panic, stress, or anxiety

3. Check in with your kid about how they are feeling that day
Example: Where on the gizmo do you feel? What lavaling do you feel like today?

4. Connect family members in a fun way – even virtually!
Example: Have all the kids and adults in your family play and create a friendly competition for the day with a certain game

5. Receive additional support via our Clinical Coaching staff and Parent Community on Facebook.

Free downloadable exercises

These worksheets can be helpful for your child to learn how to understand their emotions from the comfort of your home.

Body map
Enables kids to show where in their body they feel “hot” and “cool” emotions.

Guided meditation
Gives caregivers ideas of ways to engage their kids in calming meditation through guided meditation scripts. Use with your child in the morning, at bed time, or throughout the day whenever they need a calming moment.

Recognizing your body meter in real life
Allows kids to track their own feelings outside of the games using the Mightier Gizmo. Hang this on your fridge or use throughout the day as a way to check in about how you child is feeling.

Managing fear
Kids draw their biggest fears and what those fears look like when they’re calm, and when they’re upset.

My triggers
Prompts kids to reflect on how they feel about daily situations and tasks.


Find calm anywhere with Mightier.