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Helping children to practice the skills they learn between therapy sessions can be a challenge. Mightier is the perfect solution.

The Mightier program supports the development of emotional regulation coping skills by engaging children in fun, game-based practice through play.



After 12 weeks in the Mightier program,
families see reductions in 3 key areas:


After 12 weeks in the Mightier program,
families see reductions in 3 key areas:

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Mightier helps children (ages 6 – 12) 
who struggle with their emotions.

This includes kids who have a tough time with tantrums, anger, aggression, irritability, feelings of frustration, anxiety, or even a diagnosis like ODD, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Mightier works to build better emotional regulation (management) in children over time through practice and increasing challenges playing games. 

How Mightier Works

Mightier has created a fun environment where children play games to practice cooling down/calming down or “taking a pause”.  

Kids wear a heart rate monitor while they play, which allows them to see their emotions and connect with them directly.  As they play, children react to their heart rate.  As their heart rates go up, the Mightier game gets harder to play and they practice how to bring their heart rate down (take a pause) in order to earn rewards in the games.

Over time and with continuous practice, Mightier helps foster an autonomous way for children to better process frustrations in real world situations.

What other clinicians are saying

“Watching a student grow through Mightier is really exciting. Children who were unable to spend a full day in class are learning the skills they need to manage their frustration so well that their time in class is increasing.”

Family Support Specialist

“I start hearing things [from parents] like “I am noticing that my kid is able to calm a little bit” or “without me even telling them they stopped and took a deep breath.”

Brooke, LCSW
Behavioral Health Clinician

“We used Mightier as a Tier-2 intervention in our school and it was a GAME-CHANGER!! This is a fun and engaging biofeedback program that we saw positive results from. The kids loved and looked forward to it as well!”

School Adjustment Counselor

Want to learn more?

Learn how Mightier can help your patient families.

Our Mightier Clinician Toolkit includes information about Mightier, answers to our most commonly asked questions, and an in-depth explanation of the science behind Mightier.

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