Emily Stone, LICSW, social worker and Senior Clinical Strategist at Mightier


We hear the question from parents and caregivers quite often, “Where should my child play Mightier?” While your child can play Mightier anywhere that feels great for them, we have gathered a few suggestions of ideas that may help their play be more consistent and more fun.


Find a quiet place to play

Just like when they are learning how to read, play an instrument, or any other skills, your child is working hard to learn new things when playing Mightier. In order to allow time and space for your child to learn and grow, creating a space that is quiet and focused can help your child to learn.


Consistency can be key

For many kids, finding a space in their homes that is consistent for play can be helpful. An example of this could be from a Mightier Player pictured above. They created a ‘Mightier Corner’ which is a comfy space for them to play each day. By having a place to play daily, your child may be able to stick to their routine more easily and have a safe space to return to each day.


Have your child choose their space

While we may have an idea as adults what would be our ideal learning space, your child’s may be completely different! We have heard kids preferring to play Mightier in a variety of places such as under the bed, in the closet, surrounded by stuffed animals, and many others. Ask your child where they would feel most successful playing. (Their answer may surprise you.)


Play together

Some kids find it helpful to have some support and encouragement during play. We love when siblings and other family members get involved. It can reduce stigma around play, encourage wonderful conversations, and can create positive moments in relationships. You can try things like playing Mightier yourself and allowing your child to coach you, have siblings engage in some friendly competition, or talk about your child’s Lavaling collection. 

Whatever your child’s play space and time look like, what is most important is that it feels good for your child and your family. Share with us some of your ideas and place spaces in our Mightier Parent Community